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Find us in St Peter’s House, Oxford Road, Manchester. M13 9GH.
Drop us a line: Registered Charity: 1166935

Good things

come together ...

About us

Milk & Honey is a little café with a big vision.

We look around our fine city of Manchester and we see abundant good.

Good people and good ideas, little glimpses of the ways things could be.

We are open Tuesday – Friday, 9am-3:30pm

A community café for the city – where paths cross, ideas spark,

and people leave with the warm glow of knowing they’ve been part of something good.

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Proper coffee, hearty brews and cockle-warming, freshly cooked food are at the heart of Milk & Honey.

Good food and drink that bring people together around shared tables.

Ethically sourced, seasonal and delicious – our food is good in every way.

Beautiful breakfasts and lovely lunches, we’ve got them all.

Much of our bread is baked here at Milk & Honey, and a talented team of local suppliers

and volunteer bakers create our cakes and treats.


What's on

Milk & Honey is more than a café.

Operated by the team at St Peter’s House, our eclectic café crew includes chefs,

yoga instructors, chaplains… and we all make a proper coffee too!

A diverse programme of happenings runs weekly at Milk & Honey,

and we’re always up for giving space for new things to grow.

Have a bright idea for a group you want to start? Get in touch and let us know.

Note – please follow us on social media for upcoming events,

and check before coming along to avoid disappointment.

Get involved

A big-dreaming band of volunteers run the café.

Folk who give their time and their energy to making Milk & Honey magic.

Serving the city, we are part of something bigger – a beautiful revolution, a different way of doing things.

If you have gifts you’ve just got to give, email

and get involved. Volunteer baristas, bakers,welcoming faces

and bright ideas all welcome at Milk & Honey.

Catering / Hire

‘The land of Milk & Honey’, in books of old, is a rich place of abundance –

a place where good things grow and there is enough for everybody.

Milk & Honey cafe is our gift to share.

An inspiring space where your good ideas grow and your hopes take root.

The café will be available for hire soon. Get in touch for more information